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Nosework/Scentwork is quickly becoming one of the most popular K9 sports in the world.  This sport is great for helping shy dogs become more confident.  It's also a great sport for giving those working dogs a job!  Contact us today about upcoming classes!

Nosework dog

Welcome to Sniffer School

The Fastest Growing Dog Sport in the world. 

Let Your Dog's Nose Lead the Way

Scent Training

Dog Sport

Positive Reinforcement

What Our Happy Clients Say

“My dog has gained so much confidence since starting classes at Sniffer School. It's amazing to see her use her nose to solve puzzles and find hidden scents. I highly recommend this school to any dog owner!”

Samantha, Dog Owner

Doggie Handshake
“Sniffer School has been a game-changer for my working dog. He's now able to use his nose to perform his job even better than before. The trainers are knowledgeable and supportive. I can't thank them enough!”

John, K9 Handler

Dog's Portrait
“I was hesitant to bring my shy dog to Sniffer School, but it was the best decision I ever made. The trainers were patient and helped her build confidence. She's now a rockstar in obedience and scent work!”

Maria, Dog Owner

See Our Amazing Sniffer Dogs in Action

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